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Clan Tag: [~]RUFX[~]<Username>, [RUFX]<Username> & RUFX|<Username>
Clan Founded by: RoninMastaFX
Gameplay: Everything
Game Server: None atm
Members: 3
Supported Unreal Games: Unreal, Unreal II/XMP, Unreal Tournament, UT2003, UT2004 & UT3
Clan Origin: London, Ontario, Canada
Cheats allowed: No, unless it's on the 21st of every month, where we have our "Monthly Cheating Day Server" for Unreal Tournament
Extra notes: We are a non-profit clan, that only *PLAYS FOR FUN*, and is run by the Unreal & Unreal Tournament veteran: RoninMastaFX. For more information, go to