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Active Clans

If you have - or know an active alliance, please enter it here:

Clan Information: consists of many members. founded by SickPuppy-(DOG)- / clan-leader: OldSparky-(DOG)- †06-25-2014 / clan-leader: strategy-(DOG)-
Clan Server: Various servers/game-modes online (coop, dm, king of the hill, monstermash, monsterhunt, realctf,...): JACKALS COOP, SICKUPPYS DOGHOUSE, ADVANCED COOP, MONSTER MASH 850, MULTIGAME, XPERIENCE COOP, OLDSPARKY's MEMORIAL DM INF

<751st> American Empire Marines
Consists of 10 veteran players; Infiltration Faction enlisted 4 members.
Clan Website: 751st American Empire Marines Website
Clan Forum: AE Marines Forums
Clan Server: No server; Constantly raids available Infiltration Servers

Clan }A{pocalypse
Clan Website: }A{ Website
Clan Forum: }A{ Forums
Clan Server: We currently run a Infiltration Standoff server updated with the latest 227 patch, it is currently the smoothest server for Infiltration Standoff and has maps made specially for it by the clan leader.

Shadow Runners
Clan founded by ThexDarksider. Yay! =D
About 11 clan members, only 2 active. :S
Clan server available, yet its uptime is up to 12 hours a day during holidays and off at Sundays in general (there are some exceptions). When there are not holidays, it will be up at pretty much random times, up to 8 hours a day. But this should change until year 2010. No longer my friends. I can't host on WLAN + DSL. Technically I can, but from a player's point of view... nah.
Website: The Darkside
Forum: The Darkside - Forum
New members VERY welcome.
To become a member, ThexDarksider: thexdarksider(at)thedarkside(dot)net63(dot)net
"You can also find my contact info on my profile page."

Havoks Lethal Knights {hLk}
Unreal 1 clan since 2001, not as active as we used to be, but trying to change that. (see the Join Unreal 1 thread to join), or email {hLk}Havok havoksunreal@hotmail(remove this).com
4+ servers for U1.

Unreal All Stars
Clan that was remade by Matrix after it died many years ago. It has been owned by Matrix for about 3 - 4 years now.
54 members who play unreal, 65 including those who don't.
Clanserver: Online most of time
To become a member, contact Matrix to be tested (uasmatrix(at)aim(dot)com), or post on the UaS guest book.
>>>Current members DO NOT have to be tested, even though the tests are new<<<

Unreal Builders Connection
Clan founded by Ikuto =)
3 members so far, 2 active (?!)
Clanserver: No, floppy router.
Website: yet, new PHP-based website under construction (i am creating own CMS).
To become a member... Contact me... Or ... Make a request at my new PHP site when it will be ready.

[Elite] Infiltration clan Also known as The old [Sixpack]
Forum Based Website :
Leadership : Council
Members : Allot :P
Gameplay: Infiltration MOD for unreal99
Gameserver: Soon
More info Soon

Thanks for the Wiki :

Clan Founded by Lacrymosa
Gameplay: Trolling or Co-op
Clan Server: Herd Coop Botch (Currently online)
Counting 37 Members
Development site powered by Botch:
Pz Out Botches.

Official Clan Name: The RoninUnrealFX International Clan Federation for Unreal & Unreal Tournament
Casual Clan Name: RoninUnrealFX
Clan Initials: RUFX
Clan Motto: 75% clan, 25% federation, but 100% clan attitude!
Clan Slogan: Canada's # 1 International Unreal & Unreal Tournament Clan
Clan User Tag: [~]RUFX[~]<Username>, [RUFX]<Username>, RUFX|<Username> & RUFX<Username>
Clan Leaders: [~]RUFX[~]RoninMastaFX & [~]RUFX[~]RaianTheFallen
Clan Headquarters: London, Ontario, Canada
Clan Availability: International-wide (everyone is welcome!)
Current Status: Average-sized...looking for active, dedicated clan members
Type of Clan: Just For Fun & No Cheating
Supported Unreal Games: Unreal, Unreal: RTNP, Unreal II, Unreal II: XMP, Unreal Tournament, UT2003, UT2004 & UT3
Supported Gametypes & Mods: Everything! Instagib included!
Supported Languages: English (although the forum and CMS comes with a variety of language packs to help the non-native English speakers out)
Xfire Clan Page:
Steam Clan Page:
GameTracker Clan Page:
TeamSpeak 3 Server: