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OldUnreal v227 Release Notes
v227a and v227bv227cv227dv227ev227fv227gv227hv227i227j beta 1UED 2.1

Release date

  • 30.03.2008


  • Fixed: Quadshot accessed nones.
  • Fixed: Player "fell out of the world!" when walking over decorations.
  • Fixed: SoftwareRendering didn't work in fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed: Coop server item respawn bug.
  • Fixed: Can't find ByteProperty'VoicePitch'.
  • Fixed: Vortex2 Bug (Playerstart).
  • Fixed: Sound pitch changes.
  • Fixed: ExtremeLab tubeportals (warpzones) are too slow.
  • Fixed: OldWeapons.u didnt make it into 227b although promised (sorry for that one).
  • Fixed: Widescreen support is not being applied online.
  • Fixed: UMenu HUD no preview.
  • Fixed: Error handler not working.
  • Fixed: UMenu - Playersetup - Teamcolor wasn't read out of user settings.
  • Fixed: Not being able to see PreLogin error on Mid-Screen (just as server is at capacity).
  • Fixed: Player spidering movement issues.
  • Fixed: Player spidering animations to better one.
  • Fixed: NaliPlayer to use UT'99 NaliPlayer model (one which has weapon triangle).
  • Fixed Linux: shift key not working by default in (ini setting).
  • Fixed: Possible CoopGame server crash when monster is attacking a player while leaving.
  • Fixed: Bug with Skaarj not behaving correctly in vortex2.
  • Fixed Linux: SDLGLDrv for Linux. Although may be a bad idea to use it for playing (it lacks many features and is really not very far advanced), it may be useful for debugging, or for some low-end systems. In order to use it, you need to start Unreal with "./UnrealLinux.bin -noforcesdldrv".
  • Fixed Linux: UBrowser select input keys not working.
  • Fixed Linux and added SDLSoftDrv - now there are OpenGL and Software rendering for Linux versions.
  • Fixed: UWindow Win95 LookAndFeel having some rendering errors (with menu backgrounds and buttons).
  • Fixed: Some problems with older clients and mods.
  • Added: Never switch on pickup option, so client can chose whatever they automatly switch to best weapon on pickup.
  • Fixed: TraverseForm crash (on some maps).
  • Fixed: OpenAL some sounds not playing correctly.
  • Fixed: Some weird warpzones crashing Unreal when playing online.
  • Added: EngineSubVer variable to LevelInfo to define version number (1=a, 2=b, 3=c).
  • Added: ServerQuery to add EngineSubVer for GameVersion number (227 + a/b/c/d etc..).
  • Added: Older 227 clients (227a, 227b) can't join newer 227 version servers (227c). It's a precaution because this will crash the older client. Unfortunately there is no way to fix this problem without losing compatibility with older 224/225/UGold clients, so its out of question.
  • Fixed: Removed "SpawnPlayActor" and "Incoming travelling actor" logging.
  • Fixed: Console set to ";" key in Linux.
  • Fixed: UMenu player class selection mesh scale - adjusted to work for NaliPlayer as well.
  • Fixed: Another few server fixes for reported crashes (details of these wouldn't help anyone here :) )
  • Added: Enhanced the UWindow EditBox to make it possible to select text with mouse and Copy/Paste text in it.
  • Added: a Music Player Menu (now default key to open it on F8), which lets you listen to custom musics while playing. Be aware that many anti-cheat mods may not like the custom musics!
  • Added: On UMenu.UnrealConsole, you can enable UWindow debug mode (Tools > Debug mode) to debug your own menus while making them.
  • Added: UMenu: Win 95 "LookAndFeel" as a selectable GUI interface option now.