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X-COM: Enforcer

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X-COM: Enforcer

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X-COM: Enforcer


X-Com Enforcer is a Sci-Fi third person shooter where you are trying to prevent an alien invasion. Basic gameplay is to destroy all teleporters inside the level which are used by the aliens to bring in reinforcement. Inside the map you can find letters to form the word BONUS and after all are collected they unlock a bonus level to be played after the mission. Aliens and teleporters among other things drop resource points you can collect to spend them after the mission to upgrade your character and pickups. One interessting feature is that you can pick the skin of your enforcer and can unlock additional skins during the game.


Engine Version:
420 (Unicode)



Bonus Skins:

Bonus Deathmatch Maps:

This game includes an UnrealEd 2.

Additional Console Commands:
PlayBink - Plays back a Bink file ingame.
XComAlliance - Equivalent to PlayBink losegame.umx.
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