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Updated D3D drivers/FullHD_16:9FOV

Please add information, maps, mods, links or anything else related to DS9: The Fallen
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Updated D3D drivers/FullHD_16:9FOV

Post by Ben »

Hi forum. I'm not a new member, but I forgot my old nickname *shame*
I just bought The Fallen for a few cent and tried to get the most out of the game on the first run because I never played it before. OFC the stock installation won't support widescreen so I tried to use updated D3D drivers.

I literally tried every one I could find that google spat out. Note that all of these were for different games like U1_227, Rune and other games. None actually worked, got an error message all the time.
Missing entry point in core.dll
I suppose its not that easy, is it?

Glide and the original D3D drivers won't give me 1920x1080, while the original OGL driver does support that resolution but has extreme texture glitches and is not rendering the correct widescreen FOV.

Has anybody managed to get one of the various updated D3D drivers for any U1-engine-game to work with The Fallen?
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