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MonsterSpawn 304 issue

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MonsterSpawn 304 issue

Post by OjitroC »

MonsterSpawn 304, like the previous versions, spawns ScriptedPawns (SPs) in maps at random from lists which can contain up to 60 SPs - 304, unlike the previous versions, has 100 lists (the previous versions had 20 lists).

I have recently started to fill out the lists and currently have around 38 lists full or partly full. I've been using MonsterSpawn for several years but have not used more than 5 or 6 lists, mostly concentrating on one list adding or removing SPs as I tried them out.

My issue is that 304 will only use the first 20 lists (numbered 0 to 19) - trying to spawn SPs from any list beyond number 19 generates a non-specific error message* for each SP which should be spawned. Has anyone else come across this issue? Does anyone else use MonsterSpawn and successfully spawn SPs from a list with a number greater than 19?
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