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Fixed for modern distros

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Fixed for modern distros

Post by Jules »

I managed to get the Loki port of Rune to work on modern distros (for reference, I'm running Xubuntu 22.04.1 LTS). The manual way to solve the problem is to run the following script on in the System folder:

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for lib in System/; do
md5sum $lib
../elfhash/elfhash -f __dynamic_cast -t __dynloki_cast $lib > /dev/null
md5sum $lib
This solution solves a symbol conflict with modern versions of which would otherwise prevent the game from running using the OpenGL renderer (the software renderer works without this patch, but it's preferable to get the OpenGL renderer to work).

I'm including the patched version of, plus the elfhash binary along with the source code for anyone who'd prefer to apply the patch themselves.
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Re: Fixed for modern distros

Post by REA »

Duuuuuuude! I was looking for this for 2 years; though the native version works with Nvidia proprietary drivers, it crashes with AMD/Intel using Mesa. Your library seems to be fixing it just fine on Mint 21. THANK YOU!
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