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Zombie's Coop Server

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Zombie's Coop Server

Post by WillRobinson »

Hi All, long time player of Unreal way back to the clan days. A number of us are wondering what happened to the Zombie's Coop server that went down a few months back. I tried emailing Zombie but to no avail, not sure if he's active anymore. I heard he turned his server over to Hellkeeper but HK says he's not hosting it.

Does anyone here know who is/was hosting the server? A few of us would like to see it back up and are willing to help if need be but we don't know who to contact. Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Zombie's Coop Server

Post by Hyper »

I dropped Zombie a mail a week ago but did not get a reply. Zombie always has been keen on his* privacy and I know nothing more than a nickname and an e-mail address. In the past, I found it easy to get in contact with him as I have been heavy user and beta tester of his software.

*I'm assuming gender here with lack of any knowledge.
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Re: Zombie's Coop Server

Post by Smirftsch »

indeed you are not the first trying to find out, but unfortunately I had no luck either and I am having no other information as well.
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