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Chaotic Tactics+ History: 99 and 2k4

Anything related to the ChaosUT mod

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Chaotic Tactics+ History: 99 and 2k4

Post by KeeperUTX »

Seeing as there are little topics in the CUT section,I've done some raking through my memory, and have brought up some tactics and history of Chaos UT to Oldunreal.

1. Proxies:


Flag-ring- create a ring of altfire proxies around your flag in CTF.This tactic applies both to ut99 and ut2k4's Proxies.
When an enemy steps close to the flag, most of the proxies
will attack him/her.

Follow-up- when an enemy is chasing you, fire primary fire proxies into the ground to your LEFT/RIGHT sides so that the proxies have time to react to the enemy.

2k4 only-Driving Proxy :D -when controlling a proxy you can drive ANY vehicle.However then the proxy becomes motionless after exiting unless someone steps on you.
Who needs Car Launcher when you can have a proxy instead, eh?


99- The proxy has only the ability to attack enemies.
unless someone creates a ut99 controllable proxy then this is
the only thing they can do.

2k4- Now the the proxy is contr. by using the Claw2's AWO
key.Also the model of the proxy has been added a pair of antenni.

2. Vortex:


Shoot and RUN!- a tactic that applies to 99 and 2k4's Vortexes.The tactic is kind of obvious... :P

2k4 only-Highrise shot- ;) charge altfire and shoot the globe of anti-grav matter into the sky- this will make for a dramatic death of anyone who gets too close.

Bomb away- while on a strangelove, choose the Vortex and use either fire and get the HELL out of there- can be pretty fun to do this on CTF-LavaGiant. You'll realise how and why... :D


99- Vortex is hand-held, so range is a problem.Also there is a secret message on it... increase to fov 60 and look at the yellow patch.

2k4- now in a gun, the vortex is now capable of reaching ridiculous distances. No secret here.

3. Turret Launcher

CTF Guard- place the Turret near your flag. Provides good defence and sometimes even offence.

2k4 only-LTME- Look through my eyes.
Use AWO key to look through the turret's FOV.

Assault Barricade- Place multiple turrets near an objective.


99- Launcher looks like a syringe, Turret looks like a robot.
Altfire shows description

2k4- Launcher is an actual launcher, Turret is more like a turret :I
Prima. fire shoots a large turret, alt a small turret- up to 2 turrets for altfire

As for UT3 CUT I don't have a clue... yet.
Like tradition follows for me, CUT3 will be the first mod for my copy of UT3, if i can get a strong(er) comp.

Keeper,Over and Out.

Azhir uval nutarus. Azhir mudas ethanul. Dalektharu il dask daku. Riftuuz e thara samanar utamus. Elas umanes azarathan rakas ibna.
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Re: Chaotic Tactics+ History: 99 and 2k4

Post by GreatEmerald »

Hm, interesting, I never knew you could control proxies. Then again, I don't remember what the AWO key is bound to, if it is bound to begin with.

CUT3 was never released. They never assembled a team to do that.
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