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Creating damaging particles?

Unreal2 seems to vanish more and more too. Time to put it up here :)
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Creating damaging particles?

Post by AlCapowned »

I'm working on converting the rest of Unreal 2's weapons to XMP, but I've hit a snag with the spider gun. Like the energy rifle's primary fire, the spider gun uses particles that deal damage in place of actual projectiles. XMP is normally missing some of the textures, sounds, and classes needed by the particles in LG_FX.u, so I made new packages, opened them in Unreal 2, and changed every reference I could so I wouldn't have to change much in XMP's editor.

Now for the snag:
One of the classes I had to convert is LG_ParticleDamage, which basically makes the projectile collide with pawns and spawns a leech afterwards. I can add it to a ParticleSalamander's Forces list and then add it to a ParticleTemplate's AffectingForces list, but I can't add that ParticleTemplate to LG_ParticleDamage's AffectedTemplates list. The end result is that the particles will go right through pawns without dealing any damage. From what I can tell, the editor doesn't give the option of adding anything to the AffectedTemplates list and doesn't add templates to it automatically, so is this feature just broken in the editor?

Edit: I was able to use yrex's table editor tool to swap the regular LG_ParticleDamage class from U2.u with the one from my custom package, so I should be able to get this working regardless.
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