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My JJ3D Custom Maps EXP3.UNR,EXP4.UNR Teleporter Not working

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My JJ3D Custom Maps EXP3.UNR,EXP4.UNR Teleporter Not working

Post by luke11685 »

The maps that I made for Jazz Jackrabbit 3D Tech Demo(never finished)following user SkyWolf's Unreal Gold Level Map Creation Tutorial. To me Teleportation modifier nodes are not working properly while testing the map. So from now on are you going to ignore me guys,really? Maybe I change myself mentally in the future.

So how to fix it?

I think JJ3DEd.exe needs a patch(not only leaked earlier built versions)such as Unreal Gold let me guess 227i even if Jazz 3 was cancelled in the past.
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