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Collecting WoT releases

Posted: Fri May 13, 2022 2:27 pm
by eGo
I currently do have original WoT big boxes of US, german, italian, spanish and french version.
Does anyone know are there any other "official" releases out there?

Re: Collecting WoT releases

Posted: Tue May 17, 2022 4:37 pm
by Victor Delacroix
Official, unsure. But there are a couple separate localizations for Russia. I think I have them all. Will share once I make heads/tails of them.

Re: Collecting WoT releases

Posted: Wed May 18, 2022 10:05 am
by Leo T_C_K
I spent a lot of time tracking down some official/unofficial map releases btw that were released after wot.

Not all were tracked down with their original archive anymore, I got some maps themselves via server arena 12

they are here ... fb-cat-206

and also the intro.utx file needed for the benchmark map created

now some of this is unsorted and came from the shadar logoth website

Some of those maps are not original Legend but use resources/were credited. What I can confirm is original legend stuff is wotbenchmark(needs the intro file), arena 12, arena kingdomcome (those two werereleased directly on the website), arena dungeon (disputed source) and portalstone is rumored to be a map from earlier in wot developement, hence the weird things like overscaled carcasses upon the map conversion/import. It is unknown who made it exactly, but it was dropped during developement. Those are the only tidbits of additional wot content from legend you can have.

There was an expansion pack/bonus pack outright from Legend that got lost, too, with some new terangreal types and such and was meant to be inclded within a patch. The developer I spoke to claimed it was actually released and insisted on I dunno.

Though he didn't have the files anymore.

The BluJay directory btw is from mapper called BluJay, who got to work on Unreal 2. Thanks to him the Severnaya map (original author Scott Dalton) got included in the released game of Unreal2, they planned to have it cut and it was only due to this guy that it got preserved/remade for release. His real name was Ryan Pendelton.

btw this is completely ot but I just got the old 2004 fix for oneday from zora, the one that is now lost/has all dead links:


i believe it was actually Turboman back in the day distributing this fix.