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Oldunreal's other Mods Collection

A big bunch of mods, some usefull, some funny, some weird. The very popular mods are in "Mods"

The Simple Unreal Songplayer

The Simple Unreal Songplayer (SUSongPlayer) is a server/client mod which plays Unreal music on any map which does not have music already on its own. By default, SUSongPlayer uses most Unreal Classic 225f standard umx song files, which are statically loaded together with the mod. They can be used from on the moment the player is installed (there is a complete preset for all major suitable songs). Only setting up non-standard songs may be a bit tricky :)

File(s): SUSongPlayer.zip

2D Deck16

This is a new take on the classic deathmatch map, DmDeck16. It is the most popular deathmatch map, with more that 10 servers running it, most of which that is the _only_ map being run. People play it because it is very well designed (the powerful pickups are all in risky locations, and the weapons are well placed to balance each spawn point) and because there is always someone else willing to give you a challenge.
Well, things have just gotten a little different...Now, the map is played from a 3rd person perspective, zoomed out, at 90 degrees to the player. You might immediately think 'Mario' or 'Sonic' but truth is its nothing like them. You still have all unreals weapons, textures, sounds, the lot. In any case, it is all very hard to describe...Go and take a look for yourself...

File(s): 2ddeck16.zip

Amethyst Mod

Adds new Weapons, Items and Monsters

File(s): Am.zip

AKcoop Version 2

AKcoop is a mutator specially designed for Unreal 1 coop play.
Asgard and Kari coop or if you prefer Assault and Kill :))

AKcoop was the first mutator of its type designed for Unreal 1 coop play and yes its the original come back with version 2.

Yes its more difficult.. and Yes u might die. However I've played it through solo and managed to get through it, so please don't cheat, you only spoil the game. There is ample things laying around and monsters that drop items.

File(s): AKcoop2.zip

Building Blocks

Create a world, within Unreal!

File(s): bblocks.zip


Seems to be the Amethyst successor.



To ride around on a Flying box using the keypad!!

File(s): box2.zip

Console Plus

A console replacement

File(s): ConsolePlus.zip

Coolhand's Console

Auto Complete - Automatically completes known commands after typing the first three characters of the command and pressing "AutoCompleteHotKey"(defaults to Cursor Right but is configurable in UnrealEd) Built in man pages for all supported commands

File(s): coolhandconsole.zip

Dark Magic Game

File(s): dkmagic1.zip


A simple tool for detecting downloaders on your server. This tool is entirely serverside, so there is no need to add it to Server Packages.

Enhanced Deathmatch

·Score Recovery - When you leave the game, if the map has not changed the next time you enter, your score will be given back to you.
·Lag Graph - Your ping patterns are graphed out for you on a graph on the bottom right of your screen. If troublesome, it can be disabled.
·Idle Times - If a player has gone idle, their idle time (in seconds) will be displayed next to their name on the scoreboard.
·Private Messaging - ID #'s are displayed to the left of players' pings. You can send them private messages by this #.
·Hiding Chat - Do constant chatters bother you? Simply enable this option and their text will be hidden from your view.
·Hiding Death Messages - Tired of a screen full of big red death messages? Enable this to hide them from your view.
·Statuses - Players can set statuses that will make a symbol appear to the left of their name on the scoreboard. The available statuses are: Present, Away, Sleeping, Shower, Homework, Eating
·Colored Text - By use of color tags, players can put colors inside of their names or in the text they type. Text can also be put into bold or flash.
·Smilies - Smiley faces are displayed in place of the normal chat text smiles. ":)" turns into an actual round, yellow, happy face :)
·UGold/UT Type Console - Tired of getting VM errors when you hit tilde to read someone's long message? The typical, crash-prone console has been replaced with another console that uses the same style as Unreal Gold and UT. This console will not cause the same crashes and is also capable of displaying text colors and smilies. Normal messages are separated from chat messages to make reading conversation easy.
·Downloader Display - When someone downloads from the server, their name, current file, and percent completed will be drawn on the bottom right hand side of the scoreboard.
·Detailed Spec HUD - Spectators can now see a player through their own eyes. The spec HUD reports Armor, Ammo, Kills, and a few other tidbits of information about a player that is being watched.
·Profanity Filter - Tired of always reading the same old "sailor talk?" Enable the filter so that what people say is not displayed in its vulgar form on your screen.
·MapVote - When enabled, players can vote for what map they want to play on. The mapvote reads all the maps from the internal maplist included with EDM.
·Scoreboard information display for admins - Players' IP, Computer Name, Engine Version, and console validity can be checked right from the scoreboard.
·An IPLOG of all players who have connected - Whenever a player connects, if their player name or IP has never been logged before, they will be added to EDMIPLOG.ini. This log can hold up to 1500 entries.
·Banning from the server results in the server being hidden from the view of the banned person's server browser.
·Excessive pinging of the server will result in a 90 second ban (only 90 seconds because some things that get interpretted as 'excessive pinging' may really be entirely innocent and were just due to lag issues.)
·Admins can connect to the server even if it is full.
·You will no longer crash from throwing your weapons too fast! (unless you do it for an EXCESSIVELY long amount of time, but this should never occur during normal gameplay.)


Older Files:

File(s):and latest release EnhancedDM4.zip

Enhanced Serverbrowser

Enhanced Unreal Server Browser, A new tab layout for the Unreal Server Browser, by Hyper.nl
File(s): EnhServerBrowser.rar


Some Unreal servers seem to use small utilities that can remotely crash your Unreal client. As client, you are unaware of which modifications you download from servers and what they do exactly. Unreal does not allow users to choose which mods to execute. It just downloads any mods that are installed on the server and executes them without security check. Almost all modifications are completely harmless, and bring new content and features to the game. But a few of them can execute console commands to remotely crash the client. UCrashGuard contains a number of fixed cache files that no longer can execute the 'crash' commands, so they can not harm your Unreal client anymore.



Fear is a multiplayer modification for Unreal. What this means is that we have added on to the existing Unreal code to add new weapons, classes, and gametypes. The premise of Fear is that two sides, Caliginous and Virtuous, are fighting on a distant planet called Centurium 5. The details of this war date back hundreds of years to a time when the world was peaceful. But that information is irrelevant, all you know is that there is a war going on and you must fight in it. Fear is a class based CTF mod. In Fear you are spawned in the game starting as the default player-class, the soldier. You also are assigned a team. You then can change your class and team to whatever you want using the Fear Menu System. CTF stands for capture the flag. In Fear each team has a flag. Your objective is to steal the enemy's flag (by touching it), run back to you base, and touch your flag. Then you will have captured your enemy's flag. This gives you team twenty points. If you don't want to capture the flag you can play defense and guard your flag. This is an equally important job and must be filled in order for you team to win. Once the time limit, kill limit, capture limit, or team score limit is reached the game ends and you will be taken to another map to start another game. That is the basis of Fear.

File(s): fearbetafinal.zip


A mod collection which includes

File(s): gamepack.zip

Headshot Mod

NO, thats no Aimbot :P
Some weapons, items and ingame admin things.

File(s): Headshot-Mod.zip


Features: (Or, Why This Mod Is Better Than Just Trying to Use a Coopgame)

1. Automation: The IT is automatically chosen, automatically counts down to the beginning of the round, with a variable counting time, and rounds automatically end after a set number of minutes.
2. No Cheating: ViewPlayer has been disabled (you can only view players are are seeking), same for RMode. Now you have nothing but your searchlight, default weapon, and your wits to find people with. Admins can summon still, but a message will be sent to all players saying what has been summoned, and by whom.
3. Scoring system: Points are rewarded throughout play. 1 point for finding a player, 3 for not being found, and 5 points for finding everyone. Also, individual statistics are recorded, of times finding other players in a game, being found, finding everyone, and staying hidden. All are shown on the new Scoreboard.
4. A HUD: It's nothing fancy. It just says who is it, what round this is, and if your safety is on or off.
5. TeamSpeak: Using TeamSay, you can talk to everyone on your 'team' -- Everyone hiding is on the same team, everyone seeking is on the same team. Spectators cannot use teamsay.
6. Automatic IT assignment: The IT is automatically assigned, with 4 different ways of picking him. Either the first person found, the last person found, a random person, or everyone gets to be it, in order. Note that the NextIt (admin)command will always override this.
7. The Summonable playerstarts: Because everyone starts in the same place on most Coop maps, Summonable playerstarts have been added. The location of these is recorded when added to the same with the PlayerStart commands (See below), and will automatically be re-added everytime the map is opened. Summonable PlayerBlocks have also been included, to limit the size of maps, and also Events, triggered at the start of maps, to either open areas or close them off. These tools allow Server Admins to customize maps that normally would not be good for Hide and Seek in. However, they can only do so much, and there is a limit of 20 PlayerStarts and 20 PlayerBlocks per level.
8. The BookHolder: A handy little inventory item that throws down a book when activating, and returns it when deactivated. It makes bookjumping MUCH easier, and also possible on maps without books. With it, new, original, cunning spots can be found on maps. Remember to look on the ceiling! You never know who has managed to hide there...
9. Commands: Hide and Seek has an extensive commands list, all with in-game help, available by typing 'commands ', 'admincommands ', or 'PSCommands '.

File(s): HideNSeek.zip


summon hunters.nalihunter...... this one was quite wierd. it uses a seeking rocket as its attack
Summon hunters.gashunter.......this is the gas bag hunter. it has improved air speed and improved air contorl and it attacks wth new projectiles
Summon Hunters.mercenaryhunter..... this hunter uses a warlord rocket and is probably the best out of all of them
summon hunters.fishhunter.....this is the devil fish hunter. it attacks using a projectile now and has improved intelligence and water speed
summon hunters.brutehunter.....this is new hunter that has improved intelligence and air and land speed and higher jumpz
summon hunters.krallhunter.....this is what started it all. it was the first hunter i decided to make
summon hunters.iceskaarjhunter..... i always thought that ice skaarj looked cool so i made a hunter version of it summon hunters.queenhunter....this is the mother of all hunters its the tallest hunter [other than the titans] in the hunters mod. it is also one of the strongest. this queen has improved skill and refire rate and its attack power is greatly improved.
summon hunters.titanhunter.......this guy is something i just thought up off the top of my head. i realized i didnt have a titan hunter so i decided to make one.
summon hunters.mantahunter.....this is an improved manta with better intelligence and faster air speed and air control
Summon Hunters.warlordhunter.....this is also a new addition. it uses damm5 and has increased skill, hearing threshold, and health
Summon hunters.slithhunter....well i decided to make a slith hunter just because i needed a wide variety of monsters

File(s): Hunters.zip


??? none availble ???
File(s): EINFDM.zip

Insane Nali

Summons an insanse Nali.

File(s): insanenali.zip


jTool is a set of inventory items that I find useful in the Unreal CoopGame type, as run on Joss' Teamwork server. I expect they will also work in the DM gametypes, but not extensively tested yet.

File(s): jTool2r1.zip and newer version jTool3a.zip


MonsterCoop is a new game type that makes anyone able to play as a monster. There are basically two teams: the humans, who are finding their way out of NaPali planet, and the habitants of this planet, who obviously don't like the invaders. All the pawns in the original game have been re-created as player ones, so that anybody could personify them and see what it feels like to be "on the other side". In other words, MCoop is a team coop game: the players of the two teams gotta cooperate to reach the goals of their own team. In addition, this mod provides a long list of server commands/tools that will hopefully help admins to manage the gameplay better and make it more fun and addicting :)

File(s): MCoop.zip


MonsterSpawn is a Mutator designed to add just about any type of Monster to just about any type of Unreal 1 or Unreal Tournament type game.

File(s): monsterspawn202.zip
File(s): monsterspawn203.zip


This package includes a lot of special scripts for the original Unrealengine, such as:
Build your own movers that players can control + they can fire any type of projectile! Control tanks, double AA-flakcannons or just some automatic cannons placed under the ceiling!
This mover can be used to guard some tunnels or else.
This mover rotates if the controler fires. So you can build some sort of gattling gun!

And many many things more.

File(s): nbspecials.zip
File(s): nbspecials2.zip and nbsp-info.zip
File(s): nbspecialsdoc


It features up to 20 'weapon slots' (Projectiles/InstantHits) within ONE single CRM. You can define which one is used for Fire and/or AltFire. All 20 'weapon slots' have theirs own FireOffset and OffsetRotation. + all other features of the original CRM included in the NBSpecials modification



Adds Rain to maps.
File(s): rain.zip

Rain and Snow

Fixed rain and snow effects for unreal with fixed code for better network support to make online playable maps.

File(s): rain_and_snow_fixed.zip


Rank and Spread, Frags Per Hour, Killing Sprees, Multi Kills, Death Counter, Timer, Full Sounds and Global Message and More

File(s): RankSpreadSpreesKills.zip


The aim of the game is to save as many people from hostile worlds as possible by searching for them and leading them back to the ship. When you have finished with a world you next fly to the next one by re-entering the ship. To make the game easier, simply plan on rescuing less people. World 1 - Primal - There are believed to be at least a dozen survivors scattered throughout this primordial nightmare. And then after that you venture out into the cosmos to rescue more people. Who knows what bizarre worlds your people will need to be saved from...

File(s): saviour.zip


Gromych's Nali Land Unreal1 Gametype
Random Player Start
Random Items in Grates
Plants Generator
Player Fatique
Rebalanced Weapons
Last Man Standing Type Gameplay
Adjustable Level Lightness
Adjustable Monster Abilities
Can use Explosive Ammunition as Bombs
New Nali Knife
Shellcases, Corpses, etc do no disappear
Blood Pools

File(s): specialpak.zip


Team DarkMatch is a Team Game version of DarkMatch and uses DarkMatch (DK) maps.

File(s): TeamDarkMatch.zip


Seem to be some new bots.

File(s): u-botnpcs.zip


This tiny program provides a fix for UnrealEd's critical error condition Message Box (caption "Critical Error") that might popup after some kind of compile error. The Message Box is unfortunately inaccessible and therefore prevents you from closing it and save your work in UnrealEd.

File(s): uedmsgboxfix.zip


Can be used to browse umod files.

File(s): umodbr.zip

Unreal Media Ripper

This utility rips Music and Sound class objects from .umx and .uax files in Unreal or Unreal Tournament. It rips all the exports in the file that it understands (currently 'xm', 'it', 's3m', and 'WAV'). Adding support for an export is fairly trivial, so you can add them in a minute or two.

File(s): umr-0.3-vwin.zip and umr-0.3.tar.gz

Unreal Music Ripper

This program will extract music files (S3M and IT) from Unreal's UMX files. I have noticed that certain players (such as MikIT) have difficulty with the resulting S3M files, and I am not sure why. However, WinAmp seems to be able to play them. The IT files seem ok with any decent player. This program works with all of the UMX files that come with the retail version of Unreal, except for one. I cannot guarantee that it will work with future UMX files, but it probably will.



Endgame.unr will work with all game Versions. GateWayCoop.unr is designed for Unreal only.
File(s): UnrealCoopPatchv1.zip

Super Size For Unreal

It makes pawns(people/monsters) 5x bigger for easy spotting Great for spotting campers while sniping/far away.

File(s): unreaLsize.zip

upak2unreal beta2

Play the Return to Napali Maps in normal Unreal without upak.dll

File(s): upak2unrealbeta2.zip

Napali for Unreal

Another way to play the Return to Napali Maps in normal Unreal without upak.dll

File(s): napali226.zip

UProxy Client and Server

need someone to translate it... Introduzione:
L'idea dell' Unreal Proxy è nata quando un paio di amici sono diventati client Fastweb e tra un travaso di bile e l'altro (invidia rulez :D ) pensavo: cavolo con tutta quella banda ci potremmo fare un bel server tutto nostro di Unreal! (messaggio pubblicitario: faccio parte di un clan di Unreal, www.indomititardoni.it ) Avevo già fatto qualche programma sotto linux utilizzando i sockets, solito cazzeggio di programma client/server, trasferimento file ecc, ma niente di serio. Non avevo nemmeno ben chiara l'architettura di rete di fastweb, poi grazie al grandioso articolo di Naif ( "Io Fastweb, e tu?", http://www.s0ftpj.org/ ) ho deciso che era ora di fare qualche prova! In breve, dopo qualche settimana di bestemmie, la prima prova in locale funziona! E cosa ancor + bella provando con {TNF}.Xenon e [IT].BettyBoop (per Unreal) e Crimson]EE[ (aka Folletto Malefico, per UT) funziona! Ok, ora bisogna aggiungere il supporto a + di un giocatore (!), e un migliaio di altre cose, l'importante è che l'idea era giusta :)

File(s): Uproxy-Client-v1.2.zip,UProxy-Server-v1.3.zip and UProxy-src.zip