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Normal Topic Windows 10 brightness keeps reseting. (Read 629 times)
New Member

Oldunreal member

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Joined: May 18th, 2017
Windows 10 brightness keeps reseting.
May 18th, 2017 at 5:04pm
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So yesterday i got that new "creative update" for windows 10 and with it some new issues.
For some weird reason Unreal keeps now reseting the brightness each start of the game. Which is really strange since the slider in the settings menu doesn't change. So what have to do now is at each start of the game go to the settings and play around with the brightness-slider to get back my actual brightness. This is pretty annoying and i didn't manage to find a fix for that issue so far. Anyone has an idea?
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Re: Windows 10 brightness keeps reseting.
Reply #1 - May 18th, 2017 at 5:25pm
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which renderer? Sure your ini gets updated? Sounds to me like Unreal is having no write access to it.
A logfile could reveal more too.

PS: Welcome Wink

Sometimes you have to lose a fight to win the war.
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New Member

Oldunreal member

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Joined: May 18th, 2017
Re: Windows 10 brightness keeps reseting.
Reply #2 - May 18th, 2017 at 6:11pm
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I'm using the OpenGL renderer which comes with 227i (i think?).
I run Unreal as admin and i tried setting it directly in the inifile but actually i don't have to change anything in the inifile since the setting is correct there. It just seems that even on the brightest setting the game remains dark until you move the slider again. It must be a weird bug or "feature" of that new Windows 10 update. Because even "tabbing out" of the game will make the game dark again. I guess it's to prevent being stuck with gamebrightness or smth.
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Posts: 7619
Location: at home
Joined: Apr 30th, 1998
Gender: Male
Re: Windows 10 brightness keeps reseting.
Reply #3 - May 19th, 2017 at 7:41am
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odd, could you try with D3D9 for reference?

PS: A logfile still could reveal something... Tongue

Sometimes you have to lose a fight to win the war.
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New Member

Oldunreal member

Posts: 3
Joined: May 18th, 2017
Re: Windows 10 brightness keeps reseting.
Reply #4 - May 19th, 2017 at 2:11pm
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I will try as  soon as i'm home. I will also provide logfile then.

Okay it seems to be related to the OpenGL driver. It doesn't happen with D3D9. Here's the log if you are still interessted. Personally i would like to keep using the OpenGL renderer but well. Seems like i have to switch to avoid this weird issue.

Log: Log file open, 05/18/17 15:07:16
Init: Name subsystem initialized
Init: Detected: Microsoft Windows NT 6.2 (Build: 9200)
Init: Version: 227 Subversion: 9
Init: Compiled: Oct 28 2012 16:01:07
Init: Command line:
Init: Base directory: E:\GOG Games\Unreal Gold\System\
Init: Character set: Unicode
Log: Bound to Engine.dll
Log: Bound to Core.dll
Log: Bound to Window.dll
Init: Object subsystem initialized
Init: Computer: CPU
Init: User: COM
Init: Memory total: Phys=4194303K Pagef=4194303K Virt=4194176K
Init: Working set: 32000 / 159000
Init: CPU Speed=3292.584859 MHz
Init: CPU Page size=4096, Processors / Cores=4
Init: CPU Detected: PentiumPro-class processor (GenuineIntel)
Log: Forcing Unreal to run on CPU 0
Log: 0.0ms Loading: Package Engine
Log: 5.0ms Loading: Package Core
Log: Checking package Core
Log: Checking package Engine
Init: Unreal engine initialized
Log: Bound to WinDrv.dll
Init: Mouse info: 0 0 0
Init: Initializing DirectDraw
Log: DirectDraw drivers:
Log:    display (Primary Display Adapter)
Init: DirectDraw initialized successfully
Init: RegisterRawInputDevices initialized successfully.
Init: DirectInput disabled!
Init: Client initialized
Log: Bound to Render.dll
Log: 45.0ms Loading: Package Render
Log: Checking package Render
Init: Lighting subsystem initialized
Init: Rendering initialized
Log: LoadMap: EntryII.unr
Log: 47.0ms Loading: Package EntryII
Log: 48.0ms Loading: Package PlayrShp
Log: 49.0ms Loading: Package Detail
Log: Bound to Fire.dll
Log: 50.0ms Loading: Package Fire
Log: Checking package Fire
Log: 51.0ms Loading: Package GenIn
Log: 52.0ms Loading: Package Starship
Log: 52.0ms Loading: Package GenFX
Log: Bound to Emitter.dll
Log: 53.0ms Loading: Package Emitter
Log: 54.0ms Loading: Package UnrealShare
Log: Checking package Emitter
Log: 63.0ms Loading: Package genfluid
Log: 64.0ms Loading: Package UnrealI
Log: Bound to Editor.dll
Log: 70.0ms Loading: Package Editor
Log: Checking package Editor
Log: 71.0ms Loading: Package GenWarp
Log: 72.0ms Loading: Package Footsteps
Log: 73.0ms Loading: Package AmbAncient
Log: 73.0ms Loading: Package Skaarj
Log: 74.0ms Loading: Package Doorsmod
Log: 75.0ms Loading: Package Ambmodern
Log: Collecting garbage
Log: Purging garbage
Log: 280.0ms Unloading: Package Render
Log: Garbage: objects: 11897->11896; refs: 147713
Log: Bringing Level EntryII.MyLevel up for play (0)...
ScriptLog: InitGame:
ScriptLog: Difficulty 1
ScriptLog: Remote Administration with Password
ScriptLog: Base Mutator is EntryII.Mutator0
Init: Initialized moving brush tracker for Level EntryII.MyLevel
Log: Browse: UPack.unr?Name=Player?Class=UPak.UPakFemaleOne
Log: LoadMap: UPack.unr?Name=Player?Class=UPak.UPakFemaleOne
Log: 284.0ms Loading: Package UPack
Log: 286.0ms Loading: Package NaliCast
Log: 287.0ms Loading: Package NaliFX
Log: 287.0ms Loading: Package GenEarth
Log: 288.0ms Loading: Package SKYBox
Log: 289.0ms Loading: Package AmbOutside
Log: 289.0ms Loading: Package DoorsAnc
Log: 290.0ms Loading: Package shanesky
Log: 290.0ms Loading: Package shaneDAY
Log: 291.0ms Loading: Package Liquids
Log: 292.0ms Loading: Package flyby
Log: Bound to UPak.dll
Log: 293.0ms Loading: Package UPak
Log: 296.0ms Loading: Package Marine
Log: 297.0ms Loading: Package UPakFonts
Log: 298.0ms Loading: Package UWindow
Log: 301.0ms Loading: Package UMenu
Log: 304.0ms Loading: Package UBrowser
Log: Bound to IpDrv.dll
Log: 306.0ms Loading: Package IpDrv
Log: Checking package IpDrv
Log: Checking package UPak
Log: Collecting garbage
Log: Purging garbage
Log: Garbage: objects: 12885->12869; refs: 204160
Log: Bringing Level UPack.MyLevel up for play (0)...
ScriptLog: InitGame: ?Name=Player?Class=UPak.UPakFemaleOne
ScriptLog: Difficulty 1
ScriptLog: Remote Administration with Password
ScriptLog: Base Mutator is UPack.Mutator1
Init: Initialized moving brush tracker for Level UPack.MyLevel
ScriptLog: Login: Player
Log: Possessed PlayerPawn: UPakFemaleOne UPack.UPakFemaleOne0
ServerLog: All inventory from Player is accepted
Init: Input system initialized for WindowsViewport
Log: Opened viewport
Log: Bound to OpenGLDrv.dll
Log: Initializing OpenGLDrv...
Log: Enter SetRes()
Init: GL_VENDOR     : ATI Technologies Inc.
Init: GL_RENDERER   : AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series
Init: GL_VERSION    : 4.5.13474 Compatibility Profile Context
Init: Device supports: GL_EXT_bgra
Init: Device supports: GL_ARB_texture_compression
Init: Device supports: GL_EXT_texture_compression_s3tc
Init: Device supports: GL_EXT_texture_env_combine
Init: Device supports: GL_ARB_texture_env_combine
Init: Device supports: GL_EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic
Init: Device supports: GL_ATI_texture_env_combine3
Init: Device supports: GL_EXT_texture_lod_bias
Init: Device supports: GL_EXT_secondary_color
Init: Device supports: GL_ARB_multitexture
Init: Device supports: GL_EXT_multi_draw_arrays
Init: Device supports: GL_ARB_vertex_program
Init: Device supports: GL_ARB_fragment_program
Init: Depth bits: 32
Init: AA samples: 4
Log: 8 Texture Mapping Units found
Log: MaxAnisotropy: 16
Log: Trying to use S3TC extension.
Log: MinLogTextureSize: 2
Log: MaxLogTextureSize: 14
Log: BufferActorTris: 1
Log: UseDetailAlpha: 1
Log: Bound to ALAudio.dll
Log: OpenAL: ALDEVICES found 1:GenericSoftware
Log: OpenAL: Setting FMODOutput to DSOUND
Log: OpenAL: FMOD device found 0:PrimarySoundDevice
Log: OpenAL: FMOD device found 1:RealtekDigitalOutputRealtekHighDefinitionAudio
Log: 656.0ms Loading: Package ALAudio
Log: Checking package ALAudio
Log: OpenAL: ALDevice 0, FMODOutput Enum 2, FMODDevice Enum 0, OutputRate Enum 5
DevAudio: OpenAL: rate 44100
Init: OpenAL: Selected ALDevice is: 0
Warning: OpenAL: Failed, trying (again) default device
Log: OpenAL: We are using OpenAL device: Generic Software
Warning: OpenAL: EFX Extensions found
Log: OpenAL: Check for EFX Version - OK

Init: OpenAL Audio subsystem initialized.
Init: Game engine initialized
Log: Startup time: 0.700000 seconds
Warning: FIREWALL: XP.SP2 FireWall Not Enabled
Warning: FIREWALL: Freed XP.SP2 Firewall Object
ScriptLog: Creating root window: UMenu.UMenuRootWindow
Log: 765.0ms Loading: Package UWindowFonts
Log: appRequestExit(0) Closing by request: QUIT
Exit: Preparing to exit.
Log: Purging garbage
Log: Unbound to Engine.dll
Log: Unbound to Core.dll
Log: Unbound to Window.dll
Log: 12412.0ms Unloading: Package Engine
Log: 12412.0ms Unloading: Package Core
Exit: Game engine shut down
Log: Unbound to WinDrv.dll
Log: DirectDraw End Mode
Log: Flushing cache
Exit: DirectDraw released
Exit: Windows client shut down
Log: Unbound to Render.dll
Exit: Lighting subsystem shut down
Exit: Rendering shut down
Log: 12420.0ms Unloading: Package EntryII
Log: 12420.0ms Unloading: Package PlayrShp
Log: 12420.0ms Unloading: Package Detail
Log: Unbound to Fire.dll
Log: 12420.0ms Unloading: Package Fire
Log: 12420.0ms Unloading: Package GenIn
Log: 12420.0ms Unloading: Package Starship
Log: 12420.0ms Unloading: Package GenFX
Log: Unbound to Emitter.dll
Log: 12420.0ms Unloading: Package Emitter
Log: 12420.0ms Unloading: Package UnrealShare
Log: 12421.0ms Unloading: Package genfluid
Log: 12421.0ms Unloading: Package UnrealI
Log: Unbound to Editor.dll
Log: 12421.0ms Unloading: Package Editor
Log: 12421.0ms Unloading: Package GenWarp
Log: 12421.0ms Unloading: Package Footsteps
Log: 12421.0ms Unloading: Package AmbAncient
Log: 12421.0ms Unloading: Package Skaarj
Log: 12421.0ms Unloading: Package Doorsmod
Log: 12421.0ms Unloading: Package Ambmodern
Init: Shut down moving brush tracker for Level EntryII.MyLevel
Log: 12430.0ms Unloading: Package UPack
Log: 12430.0ms Unloading: Package NaliCast
Log: 12430.0ms Unloading: Package NaliFX
Log: 12430.0ms Unloading: Package GenEarth
Log: 12430.0ms Unloading: Package SKYBox
Log: 12430.0ms Unloading: Package AmbOutside
Log: 12430.0ms Unloading: Package DoorsAnc
Log: 12431.0ms Unloading: Package shanesky
Log: 12431.0ms Unloading: Package shaneDAY
Log: 12431.0ms Unloading: Package Liquids
Log: 12431.0ms Unloading: Package flyby
Log: Unbound to UPak.dll
Log: 12431.0ms Unloading: Package UPak
Log: 12431.0ms Unloading: Package Marine
Log: 12431.0ms Unloading: Package UPakFonts
Log: 12431.0ms Unloading: Package UWindow
Log: 12431.0ms Unloading: Package UMenu
Log: 12431.0ms Unloading: Package UBrowser
Log: Unbound to IpDrv.dll
Log: 12431.0ms Unloading: Package IpDrv
Init: Shut down moving brush tracker for Level UPack.MyLevel
Log: Resetting gamma
Log: Unbound to OpenGLDrv.dll
Log: Unbound to ALAudio.dll
Log: 12654.0ms Unloading: Package ALAudio
Exit: OpenAL: Audio subsystem shut down.
Log: 12961.0ms Unloading: Package UWindowFonts
Log: Garbage: objects: 21348->0; refs: 204160
Exit: Object subsystem successfully closed.
Exit: Exiting.
Uninitialized: Name subsystem shut down
Uninitialized: Memory Allocation Status
Uninitialized: Curr Memory  0.983M /  0.246M
Uninitialized: Peak Memory  72.533M /  74.320M
Uninitialized: Allocs           4 Current /  1015487 Total
Uninitialized: Log file closed, 05/18/17 15:07:29
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