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== Servers, networking / speed settings ==

*** Firewall users need to open a few ports, bidirectional UDP traffic must be allowed for the gameport and gameport+1 (default 7777 and 7778 - please read below, too) and outgoing UDP traffic must be allowed for potrs 27500 to 27900 so your server can send heartbeats to master servers. ***

*** If you are running Unreal as a server behind a Cable/Dsl Router you need to go to the port forwarding menu on your router and forward the gameport and the UDP server query port (gameport+1) to the internal IP that your server has - so by default these are 7777 and 7778. Rumor has it a third port (7779) must also be routed but I can't see its purpose. I would also suggest putting a static internal ip address on your Unreal Server. ex. You want it to be outside the range of your router's DHCP pool of IP addresses. You'll also want to find the DNS server IP's that your ISP uses and manually assign these to the network card that is in your Unreal Server.***

     For the Maximum player limit use the following chart as a guide.


Max Players:

56k Modem

2 for Death/Team, 3 for Coop

ISDN 128k

5 for Death/Team, 6 for Coop

DSL (check your speed, see above)

300k 6 for Death/Team, 8 for Coop

Cable (again check your speed)

8 or less for Death/Team, 12 or less for Coop


12 or less for Death/Team, 16 or less for Coop




No Region Specified (default, use any)


Southeast US


Western US


Midwest US


Northwest US, West Canada


Northeast US, East Canada


United Kingdom


Continental Europe


Central Asia, Middle East


Southeast Asia, Pacific




Australia, NZ, Pacific


Central, South America


·        Adjust your TCP/IP settings in Advanced Options, Networking, TCP/IP Network Play:

    2.   For your max tick rate use the following chart as a guide.  The higher you set the Max Tick rate, the better connection possible, but higher settings also use up more bandwidth.  I generally use a Max Tick of 12 (lowest ping possible is a 89), with a Max Client rate of 5500.  But set according to the bandwidth you have available and the number of players you will have.   The rule of thumb is to divide the upload speed by the number of players you wish to have.  E.g.  256k upload = about 32000 bps / 6 players = 5300 MaxClientRate.  If you assign more bandwidth per player than you have available you will experience the creeping lag, and probably disconnect most of the players.


Lowest Ping and Connection Speed Needed (download/upload)

Max Ticks 5

199 (connection needed is 45k/45k)

Max Ticks 10

99 (connection needed is 90k/90k)

Max Ticks 15

66 (connection needed is 135k/135k)

Max Ticks 20

49 (connection needed is 180k/180k)

Max Ticks 25

39 (connection needed is 225k/225k)

Max Ticks 30

32 (connection needed is 270k/270k)


   4.   Also many people have reported that changing the Max Client rate (not to be confused with Max Client Tick Rate) to 5500 has resulted in smoother game play.

   5.  I wouldn't mess with anything other than Max Client Tick Rate, and Max Client Rate.  (Note on 226 server Max Client Tick Rate is called NetServerMaxTickRate).

·        Well hopefully this has gotten your server up and running somewhat smoothly!  Good luck and have fun!

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