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== Joining passworded servers with 226 ==

What is the problem?
Unreal version 224v up to 225f lets you go to the multiplayer Player Setup where one line reads password. There you can enter a password which will be used on all servers you are going to join...

In version 226 (and gold) you do not have this option in the Player Setup any more, it is really a joke, epic just left out a line where to enter a goddamn password.

Open your Unreal Browser as you always do when joining a game. When you see the serverlist, you will have to make the window a bit bigger or scroll to the right to see additional information like the IP address of the server and the port number you wish to join.

Now just click on the very above empty line, where you have the word "open:" to the left. It is above the serverlist in your UBrowser Menu. Then type in:

Replace [IP] with the real IP as shown in your browser, replace [PORT-1] with the port number the UBrowser shows you, but substract 1 from that number. And [yourpassword] must be... hmm guess :)

The default Unreal game port is 7777, so all defaulted servers are shown with port 7778 in the browser. If that is the case, you do not have to specify the port at all, just IP and password ([IP]?password=[yourpassword]).

You can achieve the same using a complete command. Hit TAB or the key bound to your Unreal console and type:
open [IP]:[PORT-1]?password=[yourpassword]
with the usual replacements and you will be fine as well...

The UBrowser tells you, that some server has these details (as example which does not exist in reality):
PORT: 9001
and a friend told you the password is "hello" to join this server. In this case, you would:
1) exit the Browser
2) Hit TAB
3) Enter this: open
4) start fragging...

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