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TOPIC Description (and link) Author Source
Client, Dedicated/Listening Server BASIC: What's a client? What is a Dedicated and Listen Server - what is what? }TCP{Wolf -
Patches BASIC: Which patches do exist? Which one do I need? }TCP{Wolf -
Files, installing maps/skin etc... BASIC: Which files does Unreal use? Where do I find which? How do I install maps/skins...? }TCP{Wolf -
CONSOLE COMMANDS (Server/Client), CMDLINE params, KeyBinds, Aliases BASIC: Console commands (server+client), infos on keybinds and key-aliases, startup-parameters available at the command line for servers/clients Tim
epic ref
ASCII, UNICODE, INI Files ADVANCED: Unreal sometimes changes the INI files from ASCII to UNICODE, making them unreadable for notepad and other primitive ASCII editors - still you can convert them back and edit them... }TCP{Wolf }TCP{ help
Vocabulary, Ping, PL, MOD... BASIC: Unreal and technical vocabulary. What is Ping, Packet Loss etc etc..? }TCP{Wolf -
STATNET, lag, tickrate, clientrate ADVANCED: Details about what the stat net command shows, what the values are and how to interpret them (client). How to interpret settings to improve server performance (server admins) unknown {hLk} help

TOPIC Description (and link) Author Source
Cache, Downloads Reducing your download frequency, keep downloaded files forever }TCP{Wolf }TCP{ help
Cache, Downloads, UXX Retrieve auto-downloaded files from your cache and install them correctly GOOGZ }TCP{ help
Password, 226, Gold How to join password protected servers with Unreal 226 or Gold }TCP{Wolf }TCP{ help
Version Conflict Version Conflicts - how they come to be and how to resolve them }TCP{Wolf }TCP{ help

TOPIC Description (and link) Author Source
ServerActors, ServerPackages BASIC: Everyone hosting a server MUST know what ServerActors and ServerPackages are! }TCP{Wolf -
Networking, Firewall, Speed settings Some basic thoughts on setting up an Unreal server with special regards to speed and network settings. {hLk}Havok? {hLk} help
Dedicated, Play on Server Host a dedicated server and play on the same machine... }TCP{Wolf }TCP{ help
Server Tips, settings, Troubleshooting A hopefully rather complete reference on all serversettings etc... Tim
epic ref
IpServer, Master Server Uplink All you ever wanted to know about the Master Uplink settings in Unreal - IpServer Package for Unreal v1.0 Brandon
epic ref
Version Conflict, Downloads Disabled from server, the PERFECT download package BASIC: If you run a server with mods, and you don't want your clients to suffer from possible version conflicts, but still want to offer downloads from your site BEFORE people enter your server, then this tip is for you how to create the PERFECT download package. Hyper's tips
Running a custom Master Server Advanced: A full manual and install package to run your own master server and how to use it. Hyper's tips

TOPIC Description (and link) Author Source
Converting MP3 files for UMX-use in Unreal MEDIUM: How to convert MP3 files for use as UMX package. Such files can be used in custom maps for example. RedemptionAD Clan Phoenix


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