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== Cache - retrieve files (maps, textures...) from it ==

As you know you end up with shmeg loads of files in your cache with long stupid names such as B3B23B4N352N2M5J5J5JJJJ.UXX. these being files that downloaded from the server. Now the thing that I do to sort these files is to actually change them into system files and put them into the Unreal folder where they are supposed to go. Confused?!?! you should be ;)

Any way heres the explanation

So you start downloading a file for example it says something like
Downloading "DmUnrealMap" size 686k

What I do is note that info down, along with the time and date. (tip: make a screenshot of that!)
Once it has finished if you look in the cache folder you will see a 686k file (Windows explorer will show the filesize +1k!!) with the long winded name e.g. MABS51B1VG3F4HJ12.UXX - 686K

Right click on this file file and choose rename, then rename the file what you know it is, "DmUnrealMap.unr". This changes the file into an unreal map. The "unr" thats added is something I worked out from seeing what it says in the regular unreal maps. Take the file and put it into your Maps folder for Unreal. Now you have the map, and you can also now play the map without going online.

Now thats a simple example because its just one file and a simple map file. This all gets complicated when as you know maps come with sound files and texture files and system files also. Now heres how I do it, note the names of these other files. Some are obvious as to what they are by there content, ie "gunsound" 12k. Therefore you change this files name in the cache to "Gunsound.uax" and put it into the unreal sound folder.

Likewise Texture files, and Sytem files. Texture files end with .UTX and system files end with .U (INT files are NEVER downloaded!).

Now sometimes you wont be able to tell what the files are , eg a file is called "Unknown" 50k. So you just try it with the map as different types untill the map works. So for example you have the map UnrealMap in your folder. Open Unreal, press tab and type "Open UnrealMap" - it will say unable to open cant find file "unknown".

So then you try the to change the file into a sound, so it is "Unknown.uax", and put it in the sound file of unreal and then try and load the map again. If it works it will load, if it does now change the name so it is a texture, so it is "Unknown.utx", and put it in the textures folder of unreal, and then try and load it again. As yet I have never failed to load a map like this.

Since Unreal is package orientated, it might even work when package extensions are wrong (e.g. a music file but you make it a texture...).

OK!! ALL CLEAR?!?!? yes??!??! then then have yourself checked out by a doctor ASAP!!!!

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